Matt Spradley

Hi, I'm Matt Spradley. I have been married to Kelly Spradley for over 17 years. We have 3 fantastic kids; Parker, Tucker, and Jaque. I am currently working on my third company: Vignature.

For business related issues, please view my Linkedin profile. For personal issues please find me on Facebook.

A Little History

I have always loved technology and building things with it. I built a crystal radio when I was 10. I wrote my first BASIC program when I was 11 on an Atari 400. I wrote my first assembly language program on an Apple IIe when I was 13. I wanted to understand what made the software tick so I started studying electronics. I built a robot based on a 6502 minicomputer in high school.

I studied Electrical Engineering at Texas A&M and went on to work in the semiconductor industry at Dallas Semiconductor. I spearheaded several successful projects at Dallas Semiconductor. Two of the projects I initiated and managed were singled out by the CEO in company-wide Quarterly Meetings.

I cofounded Elinc in 1999 with a colleague from Dallas Semiconductor to produce practice management software for veterinarians. Elinc was acquired by Eklin in 2005 and subsequently acquired by VCA Antech in 2009.

I founded Impirus in 2009 to develop software to help small law firms and solo practitioners. I was working on an electronic signature feature for the Impirus CMS when I had the idea of using a webcam to capture an realtime image of the signer. I was so excited by the idea I decided to cofound Vignature to provide image-based electronic signatures.

North Dallas .NET Users Group - How We Built a Mobile Electronic Health Record App Using Xamarin, Angular, and Web

Links to the presentation:


PowerPoint Online


Learn how our team built a cross-platform mobile electronic health record (EHR) app from scratch in less than a year using Xamarin, Angular, and Web API.

Discover the reason we chose the mix of technologies (Xamarin, Angular, Web API) we did.

You will get an overview of the implementation of the entire application from the front end to the back end. There will be plenty of app demos and code samples.

What will be covered:

  • The best way to build a cross-platform app
  • How we combined native Xamarin UI elements with Angular based web views
  • Our custom JavaScript bridge used to communicate between our Angular and Xamarin modules
  • Lessons learned about cross-platform app development
  • Automated E2E testing on devices using Xamarin Test Cloud
  • Back end implementation using ASP.NET Web API